Lindsay Broughton – In The Country With Dave Woods Interview

For Lindsay Broughton, Country Music is home. It’s the quiet, country house, white picket fence, and the rocking chair on the porch. Not a surprising association, as she was raised with music as a constant companion throughout her childhood in Brooklin, Ontario. For all her life, no matter what changes headed her way, music has always been there for her.

Initially gaining inspiration from her performing mother, as soon as Lindsay was old enough she began performing. She became well and truly bit by the bug in high school, where she learned the guitar and joined the local songwriting club. As part of a field trip, she went to Nashville, where even then her potential was noticed. Arriving back to Brooklin, encouraged by the praise received in Nashville, she was more determined than ever to hone her craft and pursue a career in music.

Fast forward: Lindsay has been a regular at the famous Boots & Hearts festival, has played at many CCMA showcases as well as the CMAO Awards show, and has shared the stage with some of country’s heavy hitters such as Chad Brownlee, Emerson Drive and Gord Bamford.

Now, her debut full length album entitled Take Me There has been released with the current radio single of the same name written by Lindsay. The album is pulled from real life experiences, but focuses on the cycle we have all gone through at some point; love, loss, and redemption. The single challenges the listener to think back to the moments in their lives that made them the happiest. It’s a toe-tapping, gritty, up-tempo song that encourages you to roll the car window down, relax, and say “bring it on” to whatever lies ahead.

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FRESH CROP: Lindsay Broughton – Stay With Me

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Country music singer/songwriter Lindsay Broughton has been making waves in the Canadian music scene, already receiving acclaim by her peers as a featured artist of the month by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), and securing a featured spot in Songwriter Universe Magazine; all before the release of her debut album. Signed to premiere Canadian independent label Curve Music with distribution through Sony Music, her career is on the rise, having already performed in front of thousands of fans, including the 2010 Canadian Country Music Awards “New Artist” showcase and followed up with showcase at the 2012 CCMA, and a featured spot on the Gord Bamford Bash at the CCMA’s. In 2012 Lindsay also played in Nashville, Tennessee on the Billy Block Show, and had multiple performances at the Boots and Heart’s Festival in the summer of 2012. Each and every show I play is a completely different experience whether it’s because of the crowd the venue or both; I think that’s why the thrill of performing so incredible to me. That feeling of excitement never gets old!”

Lindsay’s debut album which will feature “Take Me There” and her new single “Stay With Me” comes out on November 11!

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