The Foreign Films Review in Illinois Entertainer

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Big thanks go out to musical genius Jeff Elbel from Illinois Entertainer for his raving review of The Foreign Films new vinyl set ‘The Record Collector’!


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“This premium-grade 3-LP set collects a long-gestating epic from the mind of Hamilton, Ontario power-pop architect Bill Majoros and his crafty cohorts in the Foreign Films. “Shadow in the Light” leads the charge with youthful memories and pop savvy. “The Sun Will Shine Again” draws threads to the glorious descent of Mott the Hoople’s “All the Young Dudes” and mid-tempo, harmony-laden ELO ballads like “Can’t Get it Out of My Head,” all anchored by a rhythmic nod to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” “Junior Astronomer’s Club” adds psychedelic flourishes like sitar drone and spacefaring guitar leads alongside xylophone and elegant strings, adding the Beatles, Jellyfish, and Frank Zappa to the growing recommend-if-you-like roster. The Prince-ly funk-pop of “The Record Collector” describes a girl who captures her emotions in the songs she spins, leaving her somewhat hindered when trying to connect with the present. The crashing “Broken Dreamers” and “State of the Art” echo the Memphis chime of Big Star and southern jangle of R.E.M. The dubiously titled “Lucky Streak” is a theme song awaiting the perfect spy movie. “Teardrop Town” is a slinky film-noir vignette casting familiar streets as an alluring but deadly siren, sung as a duet between Majoros and Kori Pop. All of these highlights merely describe the set’s first platter. The Record Collection’s package includes the short story “Emily Blue and the Star on the Moon,” revealing the thoughts of the character at the heart of the songs. Although isolated, Emily’s inner life and sense of wonder at everyday beauty sustain her. LP 2 chronicles Emily’s hopeful “A Letter (To Our Future Selves).” “Northern Love Song” recalls the Beatles’ “Getting Better,” fusing George Martin’s heart-swelling string arrangements with Phil Spector’s wall of sound and a nimble Brian May-styled guitar solo. LP 3 picks up with Emily as a young woman in Fall of the Summer Heart. Chapters including “You Were My Summer Sun” and “The Loneliest Night” tap Majoros’ affinity for the Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach, Moody Blues and Zombies as they recall the bitter and the sweet of summer romance. Carl Jennings’ bass during “Emily’s Dream Sequence” nods to Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues.” The thrills culminate in the side-long “Fall of the Summer Heart,” a pop symphony in eight movements. Like the delicate “Girl by the River,” the song-cycle mourns a loss while celebrating its memory. In sum, this ambitious work offers a charming and evocative trip for hours of escape to the golden age of pop radio and bedroom turntables”


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