May 9th at 5PM CST Live Draw on FB by The Dead South #PhotoLoco Contest

Thanks again for everyone who participated in our #PhotoLoco Contest! We went through your submissions and were awe-struck by your dedication and input! It came down to two finalists who had all the correct answers and submitted right away –
Tomorrow at 5PM CST there will be a live draw on Facebook by The Dead South – don’t miss it!

For all of you wondering: Here are the correct answers

         1. Calgary March 8th 17792691_1843292002602094_455476179_n
2. Saskatoon March 10th
3. Rossland March 15th
4. Jasper March 17th
5. Edmonton March 22nd
6. Kelowna March 24th
7. Cranbrook March 29th
8. Red Deer March 31st
9. Lethbridge April 5th