Pretty Archie Return with Brand-New Self-Titled Album

Cape Breton five-piece Pretty Archie celebrate their 10-year anniversary with their latest effort. “Pretty Archie” is the band’s sixth full-length release and was released by Curve Music/Warner Music Canada.

Produced by legendary producer, Mark Howard (The Tragically Hip, U2, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan & many more) and was recorded live off the floor from lakeside sessions at a Cape Breton A-frame cottage.

“We were in the house for two weeks, basically doing a song a day, and we did evening sessions that had a cooler relaxed feel,” explained bandleader Brian Cathcart. “It is more focused, even though you still can’t quite put a finger on it. For us, it definitely has way more of a country vibe.”

“I feel each of our other records was a step ahead of the previous one, but this one is six steps ahead,” bassist/vocalist/songwriter Colin Gillis added in a statement. “We are proud of everything we’ve put out, but this is at a different level.”

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